Educational Apps for iPad

Best Educational iPad Apps for Kids

Are you buying an iPad 2 for your kid for Christmas or a Birthday? If so, you know as soon as they open it, they are going to want to play with it. They are going to want apps – now! Pre-load these kid friendly apps on to your kids iTouch for immediate enjoyment.

Some of these will work on an iPhone as well – if your child is so lucky! When you are in the app store, be sure to check that you are selecting the apps specific to the iPad or iPhone – whichever one your child is going to use it on.

You can also put these apps on your iPhone or iPad or iTouch if you share your device with your childrens. Then they can use it to occupy them on road trips, while waiting in dentist offices, and when asking when dinner will be ready.

There are TONS of app games out there – here you will find a list of the top 10 Game Apps for Kids. The first list tends to have a little bit of an educational bent to it. There is also a list of 35 top Educational ipad Apps for Kids. Pre-load these and when they get tired of them, they can always find more in the iTunes App Store.

*Many of these are now or will be available in the Amazon App Store and Google Play Store as well so they will work on the Kindle Fire and Nook tablet.

  1. Brain Pop
  2. Brain Quest Grade 5
  3. Math Tricks
  4. Chess
  6. Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections
  7. Doodle Buddy
  8. Fairy Tales
  9. Four Free
  10. Grammar Fun
  11. Grammer Jammers
  12. Tangram XL Free
  13. Hangman
  14. Lights Out
  15. NASA
  16. Oregon Trail
  17. PopMath
  18. ShelMovies (Shel Silverstein)
  19. ASL (American Sign Language)
  20. Space Images
  21. Tales 2 Go
  22. Twenty-Four
  23. Presidents
  24. WorldGirl
  25. World Fact Book
  26. Wurdle
  27. Math Bingo
  28. Bookworm
  29. Textropolis
  30. ABC Cursive
  31. Google Earth
  32. States & Capitals Challenge
  33. Stack the States
  34. Word Search
  35. Word Monkey

Fun Game Apps for iPad

Now don’t forget to put a few games on their iTouch. Personally, I think every iTouch needs to have the Angry Birds game loaded on it. It is a very fun game that everyone in my family loves to play.


  1. Glow Hockey (Air Hockey)
  2. Creamy Ice (like Cake Mania, but with ice cream)
  3. Arcade Hoops (shoot bball hoops)
  4. Galcon (a strategy game in space)
  5. Mega Jump or Doodle Jump (fun and addicting, kids love it)
  6. Fruit Ninja (simple – slice your fruit before it hits the ground)
  7. Touch Grind (Skateboard with your fingers)
  8. Plants vs Zombies (strategy game)
  9. Finger Piano
  10. Tap Tap Revenge


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